About Us

“I love this industry and believe in how it promotes a better living environment, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually for all”

Tapis Décor has a strong longstanding reputation within the design industry as a trusted resource for flooring, a wide range of home furnishings, and for excellent customer service.

Tapis Décor was reinvented from the original business called Weskuske by Jackie Cox. Weskuske was a floor covering showroom started in 1975 by a gentleman named Wes Kuske.  It specialized in mid to high-end broadloom floorcovering, specialty hand tufted flooring, and hand knotted area rugs provided to the trade industry.  Jackie began working for Weskuske in 2000 and was the primary sales person for years following.  In 2008, she was presented the opportunity to purchase the company and Tapis Décor was born.  “Having worked for Weskuske since 2000, I was presented with an opportunity to purchase the company.  I love this industry and believe in how it promotes a better living environment, physically, emotionally and spiritually for all, so I wanted to see the business continue on.”

Tapis Decor began as a 1700sf showroom in 2008, expanded to 5600 in 2012 with the addition of the furniture showroom and in 2019, further expanded to what is now a gorgeous 11,000sf showplace.  “My vision was to continue supporting the design community by diversifying our collections with new and inspirational products that bring a ‘fresh’ and thoughtful selection to Minneapolis.  Tapis Décor was inspired by, created for, and exists to collaborate with the Interior Design industry.”

Why is it named “Tapis Décor”? ‘Tapis’ means carpet, I also knew when I started the companyI wanted to expand the offerings in to ‘Décor’ as well.  So, Tapis Décor- meaning carpet décor and then just added the ampersand when we added furniture, etc. ”

Tapis Décor features hand made area rugs, wall to wall carpet, furniture, fabric, upholstery, case pieces, accessories, and other hand selected pieces for the home including custom made. 

“I thoroughly interview our collections to make sure they too offer an opportunity to support our design community.  I look for a diversity of product that is also representative of the personality of Tapis Decor.  They must provide quality product with a unique vision and character, in addition, they must stand behind their product with custom service.  I also work to provide lines that accommodate a variety of price points so we are inclusive to any home.  I believe as a design industry showroom, we must also feature several lines that are completely customizable.  These lines include all facets of design, from flooring, area rugs, furniture, dining and case pieces.  We then accessorize those collections with lighting and home accents.”

We’re extremely thrilled with our newly expanded showroom and can’t wait to welcome you to it.  We invite you to visit us for any of your home project needs and look forward to helping you create beautiful interiors!

Our Team

Jacqueline "Jackie" Cox

Jacqueline "Jackie" Cox


Hi, I’m Jackie, owner of Tapis Décor. I’ve been a part of the design community for over 20 years and love the people of our industry. I believe in what we do! I believe that our industry creates a better living environment not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically. I want to be a contributing member of that creativity. Design has long been a passion of mine. I have a B.A. in Architecture and like the study of form, function, color and the human experience it evokes.

Prior to owning Tapis Décor I worked for Weskuske, specializing in soft floor covering, broadloom carpets, hand made area rugs and custom carpets. After being mentored by the company’s founder, for eight years, I was fortunate enough to become the owner in 2008. Prior to that, I worked as a project architect at Wold Architects where I was a primary designer working on remodels/rebuilds to Minneapolis schools and classrooms to create a higher functionality. I truly love the process of creating beautifully functioning spaces and seeing them come to life in that vision.

Though I love what I do for a career, my number one is my family! I’ve been married to my loving husband, Corey, for 20+ year (we won’t go in to how long 😊) Together we have three children that we are so very proud of. We’re a very close family who do a lot together and actually enjoy each other. Besides time with my family, I enjoy reading, playing volleyball and yoga.

I’d love to meet you! So if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say Hi! There’ll always be a smile waiting (and a glass of wine too - if you like).

Jennifer Johnson – Operations


How did you join the team?

My husband works with Jackie’s, they started talking about Tapis and my furniture back ground and figured Jackie and I should meet… here we are!!


3 daughters and 2 grand kids


Yoga and Reading

Jessica Young – Senior Sales Associate

Carpet & Rugs

How did you join the team?

I grew up in Minneapolis, and I worked for an interior design company when I graduated from the University of MN with a Bachelor of Arts. I’ve known Jackie since college and was moving back to Minneapolis after 10 years away.  Luckily she had an opening for a sales person in rugs and carpeting.  It was a great fit and I love being part of the Tapis Team!


Husband and 3 kids, plus very large extended family!


I enjoy lots of crafts, especially knitting.  I also enjoy Karaoke and dancing!


Marco Rebollar Garcia – Sales Associate

Carpet and Rugs

How did you join the team?

Joined the tapis team January of 2017 as an Intern. Went to school for Interior Design at Century college. Was very active with the school’s and the state’s ASID chapters, which is where he joined the Sample Sale committee and met Jackie. Who offered him an internship that lead to full-time job after he graduated from Century College in 2019.


Very close to my family, oldest of three, with three adorable nephews.


Like to play Softball in the Summer, as well as walks around the lakes, playing D&D with friends, or cooking out with the family. 

Deb Peterson – Sales Associate

Furniture, Accessories, Lighting, Fabrics, Wallcoverings

How did you join the team? 

I worked for a large retailer for many years then Gabbert’s as a Designer, then a Design Manager.  I was in furniture retail for almost 20 years and felt that I needed to learn a new aspect of the design business and being a designer I wanted to be ”in the business” vs. the Retail end of the business. 

Family: Dog…Ginger 7yrs

Hobbies:  Anything outdoors (weather dependent of course…)

DJ Lanzoni – Sales Associate

Showroom and Outside Sales Rep


I’ve been in our industry for 30+ years (schuss…don’t tell anyone!) in multiple roles….Retail, Showroom, Mfg. Representative, started a Furniture Company, Consulting, Display and I’ve come “full circle” back to IMS for Tapis-Décor. I have a love and passion for the history and fashion of what design is and does for the home.  

How did you join the team?

I met Jackie during an October High Point Market event…we didn’t know each other than the fact our name tags said we were both from Minneapolis….we just started talking, and she had such good energy that I made a mental note of it, and as time went on I just stayed in contact with Jackie and watched her continued growth. I’m extremely pleased to be on board to contribute to her on going success.


My dog….a rescued and retired Greyhound; Bella. When she raced her top speed was 48 mph…now she’s a couch potato!


Walking my dog (AKA; Dog Park)….I love football….my Kansas City Chiefs especially! Anything to with water….pool, lake, beach it doesn’t matter.