Found Objects

One of our favorite things to do is find curious found objects and accessories for the home.
These are often changing in the showroom, so it is always best to stop in and see the full selection.

Contact us if you have any questions, or need more information on an item.

MG Leolani Vases

Leolani Vases

GH - Brett Boxes

Brett Box


Binoculars on a Stand

CD - Granville

Granville Magazine Rack


Cumberland Box

CD - Gali 1-a

Gali Sculpture 1

CD - Gali 2

Gali Sculpture 2

CD - Gali 4-a

Gali Sculpture 4

CD- Chai Beads

Chai Beads

Blizzard Stone Beads

Blizzard Stone Beads


Quetzal Sculpture

GH - Byron basket

Byron Basket

DD- Vase on Iron Stand Small

Glass Vase on Iron Stand

CD - Precipice Vase Large (1)

Precipice Vase

Sandy vase

Sandy Vase

Avanna Tray Set Capuccino

Avanna Tray Set


Summer Shore Vase

GV - Turcan Candle Holders group image

Turcan Pillar Candle Holders

CD - Dhaka Vase Large

Dhaka Vase

GV- Ovid Vase

Ovid Vases Celestial

CD - Diana group

Diana Vase

GV - Totem Vases group image

Totem Vases

CD - Salvador Small

Salvador Box

GV - Bovet Bowls group image

Bovet Bowls

MG - Alatea Bowl

Alatea Bowl

Ameer (1)

Ameer Object

MG- Baylor

Baylor Bookends

Brielle Emerald Boxes

Brielle Boxes


Bromo Hurricane

DD - Aso Hurricane Small

Aso Hurricane

DD - Azul Small

Azul Hurricane

DD - Chronical Magazine Rack

Chronical Magazine Rack