Mirrors are an easy way to make a room feel bigger and reflect natural light in a room.
These are often changing in the showroom, so it is always best to stop in and see the full selection.

Contact us if you have any questions, or need more information on an item.

Jilt Mirror

Jilt Mirror

MB - Buffet Mirror (1)

Buffet Mirror

MB - Barnabus Mirror

Barnabus Mirror

OY - Alouette

Alouette Mirror

OY - Clyde


OY - Eden Mirror Round (1)

Eden Mirror Round Antique Bronze

OY - Elowyn

Elowyn Mirror

MB - St. Tropez Mirror

St. Tropez Mirror

MG - Venus Blue

Venus Mirror

TA - Grace Dressing Mirror

Grace Dressing Mirror

TA - Urbane Loop Mirror

Urbane Loop Mirror

TA - Iconic Round Mirror

Iconic Round Mirror

JC - Countess Mirror Large (1)

Countess Mirror, Large

JC - Fontana Mirror

Fontana Mirror

JC - Palazzo, Large

Palazzo Mirror, Large

JC - Random Mirror, Small

Random Mirror, Small

JC - Tear Drop Mirror

Tear Drop Mirror

JC - Spanish Mirror

Spanish Mirror

MB - Sussex Mirror

Sussex Mirror

MB - Mekong Small

Mekong Mirror

MB - Figaro

Figaro Mirror

MB - Lombardi

Lombardi Mirror

MG - Nina

Nina Mirror

MG - Sinead Young Pen Shell (1)

Sinead Mirror

MG - Adeera


Armond Mirror


MG - Coco


MG - Dara


MG - Dustin Natural Bone-Grey Resin


MG - Fenris


MG - Fiona Silver Mop Shell


MG - Florence


MG - Jelle Three Bird

Joelle Three Birds

MG - Jonah Rosewood-Natural


MG - Kennedy White-Walnut (1)

Kennedy Mirror